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Gorgeous Black and Charcoal Paint Recommendation For Your Space

Gorgeous Black and Charcoal Paint Recommendation For Your Space

A room painted with dark shades of black or charcoal paint is a room full of possibilities. For a clean backdrop, going for a dark shade is the way to go, if you need to film or take photos, jump on zoom calls, or simply need a space to look classy on.

Black & Charcoal Paint Projects We Love

There is a coffee shop in Denton, Texas that has beautiful warm lighting. Lamps and natural light accent the stained wood tables. The shop seems to be converted from an old warehouse, so it’s impressive how inviting the space is. Upon more closely inspecting the walls and ceiling, you realize that the owners have done something simple: they painted them black! What would be an ugly panel ceiling has disappeared into a calming midnight of black paint, and the plain sheetrock walls became a canvas for color to pop: plants, paintings, furniture, lamps, etc. The coffee shop used well-chosen black paint to create an environment of class and warmth.

This Is Something You Can Do At Home

If you want a space to feel neutral and warm. Black and charcoal paints can also be a great way to neutralize carpentry or shapes in your home that you aren’t crazy about. Painted a dark shade, these idiosyncrasies simply won’t be as noticeable. Think of a room that you love… it’s got beautiful windows, beautiful views–perhaps a leafy tree or two. It’s furnished stylishly and comfortably. It’s laid out just the way you want it, and it should be your favorite room in the house. The only problem is you don’t like something about the way it was built. Maybe the molding or baseboards have an outdated design. Perhaps there’s ugly artificial paneling. Maybe the roof line has a weird shape, distracting the eye from the room’s better qualities, or it could be that the ceiling itself is ugly or haphazard; maybe it’s discolored and noticeable in all the wrong ways. One easy fix is simply to paint the room–whether the walls, the ceiling, or both–with a lovely black or charcoal paint. This minimizes flaws and makes undesirable details disappear. Have you ever gotten a pimple or two and then liked the way you looked after you applied a nice warm-colored make-up base or went and got a tan? That’s how dark paints work. Flaws disappear so that all you can see in a room or space are the qualities you love.

Black Paint

Black, in particular, can also be great for accents. In a brighter room, the shade Black of Night looks stunning on banisters, giving any stairwell a designer feel. A rich, black shadiness on a banister with a lighter-colored staircase is modern yet timeless. It can have the same effect as a black granite countertop over a white kitchen island. Is there anything more appealing than the fresh, stark appeal of white accented by black?

 Iron Ore is another striking shade, and the hue is timeless and a bit warmer than a full-on black. Iron ore is an excellent accent to leather furniture if you want to make a room feel contemporary and robust. Add Iron Ore to an office, and suddenly it’s an executive suite. Paint the walls of your man cave Iron Ore; now it’s an upscale cigar bar. Could somebody get me a light?

Iron Ore Fireplace

Charcoal Paint

A dark charcoal paint that’s not quite as warm as Iron Ore is Cyberspace. This color is fantastic for a room or nook that is meant to be set apart for filming, gaming, media, etc. It indeed looks like a professional studio, whether you’re a photographer, videographer, gamer, or simply someone who wants to make an impression in online meetings. If you video yourself gaming, a room painted with Cyberspace looks like the high-end studio space of a professional gamer. Want sponsorships? Want to get paid to play the games you love? They say you should dress for the job you want, not the job you have. Or in this case, film yourself gaming in a professional-looking space if you want to be a professional.

One of our favorite shades is Grizzle Grey. This lovely, smoky paint is as dark as the charcoal paint shades. It’s a true gray, which means it’s exceptionally versatile. It’s a color that can be a primary or accent color in a living space or professional environment. It will go with any color scheme and seems to blend effortlessly with a milder blue shade or richer shades of red in the maroon or crimson families. Grizzle Grey is a popular choice for designers and modern decorators. On a wood or panel exterior, Grizzle Grey can make a shabby house look timeless, make an old house look updated, or make a newer house built in a classic style look absolutely timeless. It’s not as common (yet) on brick, but it looks fantastic, particularly for those fond of the rich, mid-century styling of a Colorado ski condo or a San Francisco studio.