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Transform Your Space with These 5 Unique Types of Accent Walls

Transform Your Space with These 5 Unique Types of Accent Walls

What is an Accent Wall?

Are you ready to decorate your living room, but you’re not quite sure where to start? Let us help! By creating an accent wall can add a touch of personality and style to your space. Adding an accent wall ay be the perfect way for you to bring a fresh breath of air into any room. An accent wall is a single wall painted a different color or has a unique texture or pattern than the other walls in the room. It can create a focal point, add depth, or highlight a design element giving your space an elevated look with not too much effort! In this article, we’ll explore five types of accent wall ideas for your next project.

Bold and Vibrant

Accent Wall

One way to create an eye-catching accent wall is to choose a bold and vibrant color. This can be anything from a rich jewel tone to a bright and cheerful hue. Consider the overall color scheme of your room when selecting a color, and make sure it complements the other colors in the space. For example, if your living room is primarily decorated in neutrals, a bright yellow or coral accent wall can add a pop of color and create a lively atmosphere.

When painting a bold and vibrant accent wall, it’s important to consider the finish of the paint. A high-gloss or semi-gloss finish can add shine and reflect light, making the color appear even more vibrant. However, if you prefer a more subdued look, a matte or eggshell finish can create a softer, more muted effect.Two-Tone

A two-tone accent wall is a simple yet effective way to add interest to your living room. This involves painting one half of the wall a different color than the other half. You can choose to split the wall horizontally or vertically, depending on the layout of your room and your personal preference.

The easiest way to create an accent wall in two tones is to select two complementary colors that contrast with one another. For example, if you have a living room that is decorated in shades of blue and green you might paint the top half of the accent wall with a light blue color and the bottom half with a sage green color. The result will be a cohesive and unified look that will complement the rest of the room as well!

Geometric Patterns

For a more intricate accent wall, consider adding a geometric pattern. This can be achieved by using painter’s tape to create sharp lines and shapes on the wall before painting. You can choose a simple pattern, such as stripes or diamonds, or a more complex design, such as hexagons or chevrons. For this accent wall in particular it helps with paint over the tape after it’s placed with the background color to minimize the chance of your accent color seeping under the tape.

When creating a geometric accent wall, it’s important to plan out your design carefully before starting. Use a level and measuring tape to ensure that your lines are straight and even, and make sure you have enough painter’s tape to complete the design. Once you’ve painted the wall, remove the tape carefully once it is completely dry to reveal your geometric pattern.


Textured Finish

Accent Wall

A textured accent wall can add depth and interest to your living room. This can be achieved by using a textured paint or by adding a textured medium to your regular paint. Textured paints come in a variety of finishes, from smooth and subtle to rough and rugged. You can also create your own textured finish by using a sponge, rag, or other tool to apply the paint in a unique pattern.

When selecting a textured paint or medium, consider the overall style of your living room or chosen room for your accent wall. If you have a more rustic or industrial decor, a rough and textured finish can add to the overall aesthetic. If your living room is more modern and sleek, a smoother textured finish may be more appropriate. Other versions of texture would be buying some dowels or moulding from your local hardware store and painting them to match the accent wall. Similarly to the geometric patterns, you can place the wood onto your wall for an intricate 3-D effect.



Accent Wall

An ombre accent wall is a subtle yet striking way to add color to your living room. This involves blending one color into another, creating a gradient effect that transitions from light to dark or vice versa. You can choose to use two contrasting colors, such as blue and orange, or two shades of the same color, such as light blue and navy.

If you would like to create an ombre accent wall, start by painting the entire wall in the lightest color possible. If the paint has dried completely, mix a small amount of the darker color with the lighter color and paint the top portion of the wall after the darker color has dried. As you apply more of the darker hue to the paint mixture, you should gradually add more of it until you have painted every section of the wall in a slightly darker shade of the color until you have reached the bottom. If you are using a dry brush or roller, you will need to blend the colors together in order to make the transition seamless.


Creating an accent wall in your living room can add a personal touch and bring life to your space. Taking inspiration from these 5 kinds of accent walls, you can transform your space into a stylish and inviting room that reflects your unique taste and personality. When planning out your project for an accent wall, remember to consider the overall color scheme and style of your room when selecting a color and finish. With a little creativity, some painting skills, and a quick trip to get supplies, you can easily turn your rooms into the perfect space for relaxation and entertainment.

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